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Explore the captivating residences and studios of 15 exceptional artists in this remarkable collection, curated by noted photographer Leslie Williamson. From the iconic Abiquiu home of painter Georgia O'Keeffe to sculptor Isamu Noguchi's Japanese retreat, and the lesser-known haven of Gordon Onslow Ford in California, Williamson unveils a diverse array of creative spaces.

In her latest book, Williamson skillfully documents the homes and workspaces of renowned artists like Barbara Hepworth and Joan Miro, capturing the essence of their lives with her distinctive atmospheric style. Beyond showcasing the artists' studios, the images provide insight into how creativity permeated their living spaces, from Vanessa Bell's proto-shabby chic home in southern England to Andrew Wyeth's Yankee-chic farmhouse in Pennsylvania.

Still Lives goes beyond a documentation of creative processes; it becomes a visual journey into the stylish interiors and personal nuances of these artistic abodes. For art enthusiasts, interiors aficionados, and cultured readers alike, this collection is an indispensable source of inspiration and enlightenment.

About the Author:

Leslie Williamson, celebrated for her unique and intimate approach to interior photography, has received numerous accolades. Her ability to see beyond the everyday clutter and capture the soul of a space is evident in her work for prestigious clients worldwide, including World of Interiors, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Apartamento, Maharam, StudioIlse, and Commune Design. Balancing her time between personal projects and commissioned work, Williamson's lens unveils the essence of spaces with artistic finesse.