Our Story

Meet Brenden, the founder behind Village Stores based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Creating lifestyles since 1999.

Village Retail Stores:

Represents people, culture, music & artisans, family & love.
To work with people and villages from around the world.
To live inspired by life, nature and the people around you.

Village Creative Agency:

Village is also part of a Global sourcing agency, Brenden personally supports other Australian & International retailers within the industry which includes Retail support, Branding, Marketing, Merchandising & Advertising along with Global product sourcing particularly throughout India, Vietnam, Indonesia & Morocco. The Agency is supported by an amazing talented team!   

Our Concept:

Village is a global concept that brings together people with a passion for the environment, furniture, music and the arts. Our goal is to design & manufacture furniture from recycled materials, using old woods and to celebrate life; as we know it!  We believe in fair trade and supporting our next generations by considering the materials used & purchased to create Village furniture & home decor products.

 How it began:

Village is a growing and developing Australian business with positive work ethics. Brenden has a background of furniture design and global retail buying that began in 1999 with the outlook and goal of one day creating a brand and establishing an inspirational lifestyle concept, Village: which opened in 2009.

This Year, We are excited to announce the launch of our Event Hire business! soon to launch online with private access to our tailored event hire ranges! 

Welcome to Village! Explore Living!