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By Uniqwa Collections 

The Nassau Sofa offers timeless elegance for any outdoor oasis.

With the Nassau Sofa, you can create your unique configuration, from a singular square lounge piece to an impressive modular sofa to fit any outdoor space.

Crafted with a lightweight aluminium frame and finished with high-quality outdoor Olefin upholstery, this sofa effortlessly complements any outdoor decor with its timeless design.

The soft Olefin polyester fabric is gentle to the touch and built to withstand the elements, ensuring your comfort year-round.

The Nassau Sofa is a versatile piece; the back bolster is removable, and a singular piece can be converted into an ottoman by removing the backrest.

Sink into its low-seated elegance and experience outdoor relaxation.

*For added convenience and protection, the Nassau Sofa comes complete with a rain cover that conveniently tucks into the side pocket, cover when not in use to prolong longevity.


Aluminium frame with quick-dry foam and 100% Olefin upholstery

Quick-dry foam is a moisture-resistant cushioning material designed for outdoor furniture. It offers the benefits of rapid drying, preventing moisture absorption, and resisting mould and mildew growth.

This foam maintains comfort and support, extends the lifespan of outdoor cushions, and makes maintenance easy. It's suitable for year-round outdoor use, preventing odours and ensuring all-weather durability.

Quick-dry foam remains comfortable and functional even after exposure to rain or spills.


 W 110cm | D 110cm | H 80cm


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