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By Uniqwa Collections

Each of the Log coffee tables are entirely unique, full of natural intricacies which are to be celebrated. These pieces are constructed from the root of a teak tree, a part which is usually discarded in the manufacturing process for furniture constructed from teak timber. The sides are wrapped in a thin teak 'skin' creating the edging and completing the piece.

Please note - This timber piece is a natural 'living' material. It will respond to temperature and humidity variations which will cause the timber to expand and contract. This can result in cracking as the timber adjusts. 

Fluids and moisture can leech over time, which may cause stains on some surfaces. We recommend keeping items out of direct sunlight to avoid dramatic changes in temperature to the timber. 

For any questions and additional care instructions please let us know via telephone or email.


Teak root timber


120 L x 80cm W x 40cm H (all measurements are approximate - each piece will be entirely unique).


Please Note:  Product availability is subject to change. For the most accurate stock level and ETA’s please enquire here.

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