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By Giovanna Aryafara

Photographed off the coast of Zanzibar in the historically vital trade route between Asia, Africa and Europe.  This beautiful canvas captures centuries of tradition and history through a modern lens.  Printed in black & white and paired with four framing options creating a unique masterpiece for any space. 

About the Photographer

40 years ago in Sydney, Australia, Giovanna Aryafara began her lifelong love for photography. She has showcased her works in numerous locations such as Australia, Bali, Brazil, and Thailand. She has also participated in several exhibitions, including the Africa Photo Festival 2018 in New York and Atlas of Humanity in Paris and Italy in 2019 and again in Paris and Milan in 2022. In 2020, Giovanna was the winner of the "People/Cultures & Communities of Africa" category in the Africa in Focus Photo Competition.


Small | 60cm x 90cm H (Unframed) 

Medium | 80cm x 120cm H (Unframed) 

Large | 120cm x 180cm H (Unframed) 



All of our wall art is a custom order.  Printed and framed to order, ETA 3-4 weeks + Delivery.